MEP Design

Any building's mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire system designs are its lifelines, so it is critical that they be created with the utmost precision and excellence. For projects in a variety of industries, including hospitals, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and others, our MEP engineering design validation services offer environmentally friendly solutions.


We are experts in MEP contracting, offering electrical LV & HV and ELV systems in addition to other application solutions like BMS, GRMS, and IT coordinated with interior design & fitouts. We provide all necessities competently and dependably within a single business.

  • ● Distribution of LT and HT electrical power
  • ● Protection for lights and earthing
  • ● Fire alarm and detection system
  • ● System for securing buildings
  • ● CCTV and surveillance systems

Through BIM integrated Electrical Design Engineering, we create electrical design documentation for low voltage, medium voltage, and extra low voltage systems and guarantee an energy-efficient design. We provide:

  • ● Power Design of a Distribution System
  • ● Schedules for electrical panels
  • ● Prepare a load list and use electrical line diagrams
  • ● Plans for power and lighting (Including Lighting Load Estimations and Light Fixture Layouts)
  • ● Design of Emergency Systems

Each and every day, a facility must provide high-quality and extremely reliable water supply. Only when water is supplied with sufficient pressure can it be adequately distributed to faucets, showers, toilets, and other delivery outlets. These minimum pressure and flow rates are set by The Sharpline Technical, who also makes sure that they are regularly met even during periods of high demand when numerous plumbing fixtures are in use at once.


As one of the more seasoned subcontractors in the field of fire alarm systems, we offer a complete package of services, including design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance, all carried out by highly skilled, trained, and knowledgeable technicians and engineers, who serve all industrial sectors. We have a strong, motivated, skilled team that can carry out and fulfill the fundamental requirements for firefighting and safety systems.

Coordinated RCP

Any set of architectural blueprints must include reflected ceilings plans. They display a ceiling's size, type, materials, finishes, fittings, and electrical components as well as its relationship to the floor (although an RCP is not a reflection of a floor plan).

Equipment Schedule

The project's equipment and fixture schedule would detail the fixture's type, manufacturer, model, and other pertinent data for the Construction Set document for all building services disciplines (Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical).

Let’s Design Your New House

Our Interior fit out options range from handling specific requirements to offering complete solutions to your home.