Complete interior fit out including

We seamlessly transform regular living spaces into cozy and intriguing havens away from, well, the regular. We make an architect's best work appear even better and our clients' clever ideas look even more brilliant.


For any type of real estate sector, The sharpline technical services has extensive experience in the process of building bespoke innovative ceilings and ceiling systems. We offer a wide variety of ceilings made of wood, metal, aluminium, gypsum, and textile. The majority of these ceiling systems make excellent wall fit-out applications.

Our engineers and construction team are committed to providing ceiling products that are of the highest quality, long-lasting, and appropriate for various interior applications. Our highly trained staff uses cutting-edge solutions to implement your design ideas using authorised standard methods.


For both renovations of existing spaces and brand-new fit outs, we can install flooring in your properties. We will choose the best kind of carpet to utilize in each area of your workplace by carefully collaborating with you and your staff. Everything relies on the quantity of traffic the floor will see, the quality of sound absorption needed, and the desired level of underfoot comfort.

Partitions & Wall finishing

We specialise in non-structural wall and wall partition systems in addition to ceiling installation. Our services range from just installing the metal stud and attaching plasterboard to completely preparing the wall, depending on what is required (stopping, filling and sanding).

To assure responsibility and consistency, we use a team of highly competent fixers that we have assembled ourselves. Additionally, because we are aware of the complexity of huge builds, we make a point of collaborating closely with all other parties and sub-trades to complete projects on schedule.

Aluminum framing and glazing, Shutters

Our expertise in providing aluminum framing and glazing work services has established us as industry veterans. We excel in providing you with top-notch services at affordable costs. Both home residences and commercial buildings can benefit from this service. Our services are being used by many industrial houses as well because they are of the highest quality and are priced affordably.

Let’s Design Your New House

Our Interior fit out options range from handling specific requirements to offering complete solutions to your home.